What if your Field Leaders could become your best Business Development Leaders in one 8-hour class?


Leadership Education

What it is:

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Exclusive training to improve the skills of Superintendents and Field Staff.

Training for field staff, by field staff in a language they understand. Leveraging the expertise and experience of seasoned professionals to develop high-performance teams that owners can't help but love.

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Teaching Field Staff how to become leaders on their jobsites.

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1-day training that maximizes education and minimizes wasted time.

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$400 Per Seat Tuition

5 Seat Minimum + Travel Expenses

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Better Client Experience


One 8-Hour Day

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Field Staff are where the rubber meets the road. They interface with clients for more hours than Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Preconstruction, Project Managers or Project Executives. We strive to give them the tools to make current owners repeat clients and develop teams that don't just build buildings, they build each other.

When you boil it down, Construction Field Staff focus on two main things: PLANNING and COMMUNICATION. In our training, we create two-way conversations and interactive training that forge better jobsite management with a focus on doing these two things better.

We discuss understanding the perspectives of owners and subcontractors and how to shape communication in a winning way. We thoroughly teach planning, problem-solving, communication, delegation, vision, preparation, change, strategy, information gathering, urgency vs. importance, leadership, and teamwork that allow Field Staff to provide an unprecedented level of customer service to clients.

We exist to empower Field Staff through meaningful education at a level that is completely digestible and easily implemented on every jobsite. Our goal is to teach Field Staff about building projects BETTER by asking better questions, understanding perspectives on their jobsite, and teaching them how to lead.

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About me:

I'm Scott Ready, and I spent over fifteen years in the construction industry before leaving to pursue a lifelong dream of serving others in Law Enforcement. Through this refining process, I learned about communication, planning, and developing winning teams. I developed a passion for taking these lessons back to construction and helping future construction leaders grow into the leaders of the industry.